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An ancient form of wheat, it is one of the first grains to be grown as long ago as 5000 BC. It is larger and darker in appearance than the wheat we are accustomed to seeing today. Spelt has attracted new attention as a wheat alternative flour because of its low gluten strength. It’s higher in fiber, has more protein and higher in B complex vitamins.

Spelt is a possible alternative for wheat sensitivities and should be considered under Doctors supervision.
Baking with Spelt can be trickier than ordinary flour. One issue is that Spelt can be more crumbly in breads but works excellent in cake, pie and muffin recipes.


This grain dates back to Egyptian civilization. It is a unhybridized grain and a distant relative to durum wheat as we know it today. It is considered to be a high-energy grain and a complex carbohydrate and is an excellent source of protein, minerals and amino acids. It is also low in gluten strength and is used by some people with wheat sensitivities.

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